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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Gospel Singer Jonathan McReynolds Tells Christians to Take Advantage of Stock Market Surge Under Trump

Even though gospel singer Jonathan McReynolds turned down the opportunity to sing at one of President Donald Trump's inaugural events, he's now advising Christians to take advantage of the stock market which has hit record highs since his election in November.

Trump tweeted about the continued stock marget surge on Feb. 16, writing: "Stock market hits new high with longest winning streak in decades. Great level of confidence and optimism — even before tax plan rollout!" That same day, USA Today reported that the Dow had hit an all-time record closing high.

When the 27-year-old McReynolds realized that the stock market has been surging, he advised his Instagram followers to take advantage of their economic opportunities.

"I have some real cautious Instagram followers out there that get concerned when I make excursions outside of the normal church topics: worship music, preaching, whatever," he said in an Instagram video. "But I think it's very important that at least some of the body of Christ stays engaged in politics and things that are going on in economics and culture so that one, we can influence it, and two, we can benefit from it."

McReynolds said that while he was young and imperfect, he thought it was important to inform people about current economic events.

"Whether you love or hate Donald Trump ever since he was elected president, the stock market has been going up. And everybody, including me that has a stake in the stock market — whether it's a mutual fund, Facebook, whatever — we have benefited from the stock market jump," he said. "So, I'm just telling you guys, whether you love him, understand him, whatever, benefit from this moment, get in that stock market and get some money for the Kingdom."

Still, the singer urged Christians to do their research.

"#KingdomMoney I can help you if you let me lol," he captioned the video. "Do your research though, and STAY ATTENTIVE!"

Last month, McReynolds explained in a blog post why he had turned down an invitation to sing at one of the president's inaugural festivities saying: "I declined because I simply don't believe this opportunity was for ME. (I wouldn't have been able to sing any 'Life Music' either.). MY convictions concerning politics and President-elect Donald Trump would have made me miserable on the flight to Washington," the musician wrote on his personal blog LifeRoom Talk.

"I wouldn't feel good honoring the office of a man who (I feel) hasn't honored it yet. Often times, honoring is not agreeing, it's disagreeing in a respectful manner."

Although McReynolds declined the offer to make an appearance, he agreed that people of God needed to attend. He referred to the biblical book of Daniel to provide an example of people appearing before a leader that they did not share values with.

"There was a leader much worse than anyone America has elected and his term was longer than four years, King Nebuchadnezzar. History, our redemption history, would have changed dramatically if Daniel and the three Hebrew boys didn't toe the line between serving and bowing so well," he wrote. "They didn't eat everything the King tried to feed them and they didn't bow when it opposed what they knew was true. But they were definitely in the building. The unique power and potency in their gifts actually made the King bow and bend to them."

The singer concluded by adding, "I'm sure their fellow Hebrews were suspicious of their closeness to the King, but the King was made better because of that closeness."




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