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Monday, January 30, 2017

Gospel Singer And Domestic Violence Survivor Cheryl Fortune Opens Up: ‘The Last Two Years Have Been Extremely Difficult’

Gospel singer and domestic violence survivor Cheryl Fortune has been through a lot, but she isn’t letting her troubled past silence her voice.

“The last two years have been extremely difficult for me and my family but we’re fighting our way through it,” says the singer as she readies the release of her debut album in June.

Since October 2014, when her husband, GRAMMY® Award-nominated songwriter James Fortune, struck Cheryl with a wooden stool, threw her against a wall and kicked her at their home in Stafford, TX, her world went topsy-turvy. The outward façade of happiness and glamor was stripped away. The gospel industry success disappeared and their family was ripped apart.

But the resilient vocalist isn’t giving up on her music aspirations, despite the heartache the situation caused. Rather, she has used her misery to fuel her ministry as evidenced by her first aptly titled, recently released radio single, “Fighters.”

A portion of the deeply personal lyrics say:

Unbearable/I know how you feel/I traveled this same road and all you want is someone to hear/your bleeding heart overflowing with tears

I hear you say that nobody knows/what you contemplate/suicide was no joke

Worthless inside/left with no fight/but this can't be all/ 'cause you still have life.

I'm here to/ speak hope to you/ If I made it/ you can make it too

You may feel like/ life is over/I won't let you go/together we'll make it through

We're fighters...

“This song was born out of that situation and it’s a message of hope to anyone who has a fight on their hands,” said Cheryl who hit the road last year with Kirk Franklin as a background singer on his “20 Years In One Night” tour.

Now the Billboard No. 1 songwriter, who previously built the successful FiyaWorld Music Group label with her volatile, estranged husband, is rebounding and making power plays without him.
Cheryl and her business partner Lucius B. Hoskins have teamed with Tyscot, the oldest operating African-American gospel music recording label in the world, to launch their new venture, LuDawn Music.

“Tyscot Records is excited to join forces with the awesome production and songwriting team of LuDawn Music,” said Tyscot Records President, Bryant S. Scott. “They are bringing to the gospel airwaves a uniquely fresh, contemporary sound that we believe will be one of the next big sounds from the church.”

The first project under this agreement is Cheryl’s debut album, tentatively set for a June 30, 2017 release.

With the worst behind her and exciting new things on the horizon, the one who once suffered silently behind closed doors is speaking up and getting up, and inspiring many others to do the same.

“Whether it’s a relationship, trouble on the job or a health crisis, you can fight it and win,” she says.

Listen to “Fighters” below, which booms with a pounding drum line and a catchy chorus. 



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