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Sunday, March 26, 2017

DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Frank Edwards – Idi Mma || Free Download

  Idi Mma by Frank Edwards


Gospel Singer Frank Edwards is back again with a brand new spirit filled song, Titled: "Idi Mma".

In His Words;
Here’s new music I’ve teased a couple of times on social media. It’s a heart felt worship song titled Idi Mma. Get into the worship mood as you listen and remain blessed.

Download, enjoy and share!



DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Lily - Father You Are Great || Free Download

Father You Are Great by Lily

Lily finds her way into the gospel music ministry with a debut single, Titled: “Father You Are Great”  according to lily, Father you are great was
given in the place of prayer.

She was inspired to write this song, after being surrounded by a strong
consciousness of the incredible and perfect fatherhood of God.

Download, enjoy and share!


DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Empraize - Adura (Ft. Efe Nathan) || Via Mtn Plus, Techno Boom & iTune

Adura by Empraize (Ft. Efe Nathan).

Nigeria - Port Harcourt based Artiste, Music director and songwriter Emmanuel Olowookere known as Empraize has released a new song titled “Adura” featuring Efe Nathan.

Adura, meaning Prayer in Yoruba Language is a heart-stirring and soulful song,it is a song of hope which stirs faith in the listener. Such a wonderful blend of indigenous language and contemporary instrumentation. Empraiz delivers this song excellently as a Psalmist and features Vocal Powerhouse, Songwriter and Internationally acclaimed Worship Leader from Africa Efe Nathan who brings fresh fire on this song.

This song will stir your heart to pray especially in these times that we are as a nation and in the world at large. As you listen and share with others, you will experience miracles and have testimonies. 

The song was produced by Wole Oni.

Get the song Now Via;


DOWNLOAD MUSIC + LYRICS: Dunsin Oyekan – If All I Say Is Jesus || Free Download

 If All I Say Is Jesus by Dunsin Oyekan.

Gospel singer, songwriter, music producer and a wonder on the bass guitar Dunsin Oyekan, who is currently gearing up for the release of his first official visual "You are Good", has made available for Free Download one of the fan-favorite single, Titled: "If All I Say Is Jesus" off his latest album CodeRed – The Worship Experience. 

Download, enjoy and share!

 If All I Say Is Jesus Lyrics
by  Dunsin Oyekan

You have captured my heart consumed my heart
With your love
(Repeat 2x)

You have captured my heart consumed my heart
With your love
(Repeat 4x)

If all I say is
Jesus Jesus Jesus
That’s more than enough
(Repeat 4x)

(Repeat from the top)


DOWNLOAD MUSIC: ArchSamJ - Baba Abailo || Free Download

Baba Abailo BY ArchSamJ.

Samuel Jacob of the Undefeatable Music Squad (UMS) popularly know by his stage name ArchSamJ is back again with FEARFUL BABA (Baba Abailo) one of the hit track in his Album, TIME OF LAUGHTER set to be release soon, this jam will keep you dancing, jumping & overtaking for JESUS CHRIST.

  Download, listen & keep overtaking in all your en-devours.

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 Facebook: Arch Jacob Samuel
Email: archsamj@gmail.com



Saturday, March 25, 2017

[WEEK 12] Praisejamzblog TOP 5 Gospel Songs Of The Week! 2017 || Free Download

Yeah...! Is another weekend.

Here Praisejamzblog weekly top 5 Gospel Songs (20th March - 24th March, 2017).

This are mind blowing gospel Songs currently dragging down Praisejamzblog Servers with good number of Downloads…. Trust us, This are songs that will definitely speaks to you,

Download, Enjoy And Share!


1) DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Tim Godfrey — Bless The Lord (Ft. Xtreme) || Free Download


2) DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Hope Levi — Oba Oh! || Free Download

3) DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Fortune Osemudiamen — Absolutely Depend || Free Download

4) DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Endless Joy - It Is True (Prod. by Manuz ) || Free Download

5) DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Toni Ebuka - All Have Got || Free Download 


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DOWNLOAD MUSIC: KhevDee - T.F.M (Tap From Me) || Free Download

T.F.M (Tap From Me) by Khevdee

Ark Edutainment artist, and Abuja fast rising gospel star "Khevdee" drops another hit single, Titled: "T.F.M (Tap From Me)".

"T.F.M (Tap From Me)" is a mind blowing song like no other.

Download, Enjoy And Share!


Humanitarian Crisis: Rape Reaches 'Epic Proportions' in South Sudan's Civil War

MUNDRI, South Sudan (AP) -- After months of being raped by her rebel captors in the middle of South Sudan's civil war, the young woman became pregnant.

Held in a muddy pit, sometimes chained to other prisoners, she later watched her hair fall out and her weight plummet. But the child was a spark of life.

And so she named him Barack Obama, she explains, now free. "I still have hope," she says, caressing the baby's cheek with a finger. "I just don't even know where to start."

The slender 23-year-old is one of thousands of rape victims in South Sudan's three-year-old conflict, which has created one of the world's largest humanitarian crises. Sexual violence has reached "epic proportions," says the U.N. Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan.

Reported incidents of sexual or gender-based violence rose 60 percent last year. Seventy percent of women sheltering in U.N. camps in the capital, Juba, had been raped since the conflict began, according to a U.N. humanitarian survey conducted in December.

Mundri, a city of 47,000 people in Amadi state, has been called the epicenter of the problem. Aid organizations blame it on the recent increase in fighting here between rebels and government troops, the latest shift of the war in an already devastated nation.

The young woman didn't expect to become embroiled in South Sudan's conflict.

"I just came back to visit my home and I lost my dreams," she said in an interview earlier this month. "If I talk about it, I just cry."

She had been visiting her family in the summer of 2015, with plans to return to school in the capital, Juba. She never made it back.

Instead, she was abducted by rebels loyal to an opposition group calling itself MTN, after a popular African telephone company. Their catch phrase riffs on the company's slogan, taunting: "We're everywhere you go."

The rebels burst through the door of her mother's hut, firing their weapons and shouting, she said. They were searching for her uncle, who'd been accused of conspiring with government forces.

"They beat my grandfather and aunt and then said if they couldn't find my uncle they'll take me instead," she said. "I told them I'd rather die than go with them."

But the rebels dragged her into the bush and brought her to their headquarters, where she was charged, tried and convicted for her uncle's "crimes."

For the next 16 months, she was forced to live in large, muddy pits infested with snakes, she said. Subsisting on only vegetables, she wasted away.

"I'm not attractive anymore," she says now, tugging at the waistband of her baggy pants. Shifting around in a plastic chair outside a coffee shop, she shyly adjusted her headscarf, covering what little hair she has left.

She said she was released in December because she became ill.

"They told me to get medicine and then changed their minds and told me to leave and never come back," she said.

Mundri has many such stories. According to a recent Inter-Agency assessment by international and local organizations focused on gender-based violence, 29 rape cases were reported in Mundri between August and October.

Local organizations say the number is likely double that, but most incidents go unreported because of stigma surrounding rape.

"Realistically, it's more like over 50 cases," said James Labadia, founder of MAYA, a local aid organization that focuses on women's empowerment. He has been working with rape survivors for several years but said things have never been so dire.

"The end of 2016 was the worst quarter I've ever seen," he said.

The group received funds from the U.S. Agency for International Development last year and Labadia plans to seek more, a possibility which may be clouded by President Donald Trump's proposed budget cuts.

Reports of rape and abduction are rampant on both sides in Mundri, which is under government control while neighboring villages are held by the opposition.

"They stuck their fingers in my daughter's underwear," said another resident, a 26-year-old mother.

In September, two soldiers broke into her house and tried to assault her mother and 9-year-old child, she said. She begged to be raped instead. "If they touched my daughter I would have died."

The soldiers left her daughter and mother alone and gang-raped her instead, while her family was forced to listen in the adjacent room, she said.

She reported the case to the county commissioner but said no one was ever arrested. She lives in fear it will happen again.

South Sudanese officials insist they are taking steps to counter sexual violence. Things in Mundri are slowly improving, said Abokato Kenyi, the minister of education, gender and social welfare in Amadi state.

"The government has put out a new law that any soldier who misbehaves will now be punished," Kenyi said. As of January, he said, anyone convicted of rape will be sentenced to prison.

During the town's first International Women's Day celebration since 2014 earlier this month, Kenyi called on men and women to work together to combat sexual assault.

"Come out from the fear," he said.

But survivors say what they really want is to rebuild their lives.

Since returning to the community, the 23-year-old rape victim has received psychosocial support from MAYA's staff and joined a women's empowerment group. They're launching business initiatives such as selling soap and baked goods in hopes of helping women become self-sufficient.

Ultimately, her dream is to return to school and become a nurse.

"I can't give up," she said. "I need to continue going to school and fighting for my rights. When you get the woman, you get the nation."


DOWNLOAD MUSIC + LYRICS: Purist Ogboi - Unchangeable God || Free Download

Unchangeable God by Purist Ogboi

Bold, lively, passionate, energetic, edgy, anointed and dynamic! All these words have been used to describe Purist Ogboi's ministry. The fast rising music minister & recording artist amazed the Gospel music scene with her hit debut album, The Encounter, in August 2016, arguably one of the best Gospel albums of 2016.

Unchangeable God is the fourth single to be released from her debut album, and it comes with a surprise twist. Unchangeable God is a catchy reggae track which showcases another side of Purist and adds an exciting kink to the album.

Some of her earlier single releases include None Like You, No Other Name Like Jesus and Worship Medley. Unchangeable God is described as a wonderful masterpiece which leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

For your enjoyment and sharing, click on the link to listen to Unchangeable God and below is the accompanying live video recorded at The Thameside
Theatre, London, UK.

Watch Video Below!

 by Purist Ogboi


We call out to You
Alpha and Omega
Come and fill this place
With your presence and your power
Let your kingdom come
Let your will be done
Move in this place
Let it rain on us


You never change (Jesus)
You will never fail (Jesus)
My shield and glory (Jesus)
You never change (Jesus)


We call on your name
Jehovah Tsidkenu
A righteous one you are
God of wonders
Beyond the galaxy
Great and might one
You're a faithful God


Unchangeable God 4x
Reliable God 4x
Dependable God 4x


Fred Hammond is Depressed & Mad at God in New Dramatic Film Trailer For ‘The Choir’

 Is Fred Hammond depressed, lost and mad at God? Maybe not in real life, but the independent filmmaker’s character sure seems to be in the dramatic trailer for his new indie drama, The Choir.

The GRAMMY®, Dove, and Stellar Award-winning gospel artist known for soul-stirring hits gave Twitter followers the exclusive sneak peek of his official foray into the indie movie industry on the evening of Thursday, March 23.

“I’ve just got to step out there on the water and cut it,” said the 56-year-old in a video, alluding to his decision to launch out in faith and debut The Choir.

The dark and racy trailer clips featuring exotic dancers, blood, violence, depression and pain is a big shift for the movie director who has spent the past 38 years writing uplifting, Bible-based songs that touch the heart, and move the soul.

But he’s ready for change.

“Hopefully, somebody will holler at your man,” said the music veteran, also one of the lead actors in The Choir, who hopes to gain the attention of distributors.

Though Hammond’s leap into filmmaking may take some getting used to by fans, the “No Weapon” songwriter has been dibbling and dabbling in acting for a while now.

In 2015, Hammond landed a starring role in Telly Award winner JD Lawrence’s “Cain and Able.” But looks like he’s stepping off the stage and onto your screen.

Check out the trailer for The Choir below, released just ahead of Hammond’s induction into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame during the 2017 Stellar Awards weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada.




DOWNLOAD MUSIC: C NICE - Great I Am || Free Download

Great I Am by C NICE

CNice an inspiring anointed singer, Worship leader, songwriter composer and music director. The song titled: ( Great I Am )is a combination of deep words of worship, declaring the excellency of God's greatness. A new powerful worship song that take you to God presence edifying your spirit.

Download, Enjoy And Share!


VIDEO: Frank Edwards - Under The Canopy (Official Video) || Watch For Free

Under The Canopy Video by Frank Edwards

As part of the celebration of Rocktown’s 7th Anniversary, Frank Edwards premieres the much awaited visuals for his highly acclaimed single “Under The Canopy” released in December 2016.

The vibrant video features a colorful carnival with hundreds of extras, dancers and also, cameo appearances from Fiokee, Victor Ike, King Bas, Mayomusic, and more.

Watch Video Below!


Friday, March 24, 2017

DOWNLOAD MUSIC + LYRICS: Eunice Morgan - Imagine || Free Download

Imagine Me by Eunice Morgan

Eunice Morgan is back with new music “Imagine Me” to celebrate her birthday yesterday.

“Imagine Me” is a soul-stirring, up-tempo song of praise and thanksgiving. The song is a single release off her forth coming album.


Imagine Lyrics by Eunice Morgan 

Verse 1

If not for you oooo

Where I for dey

If not for you ooooooo

Who I for be

When I remember

Where you brought me from

 When I remember how you lifted me


Baba Olore

Respond: Baba you too good oooh, you too kind eeeh, you too fine oooh) X2

Call: higher higher lift him higher eeee

Respond: Obamimo esha

Call: higher higher lift him higher

Respond: Ogeneme doo

All: Ogeneme doo X3

Doo doo doo

Verse 2

 Imagine me without your cover

Imagine me ooo, where I for dey.

You too good ooo, you too good ooo,

 This God eee, is too good oooh,

lo lo lo.................

eee iyeaaaa

Back to chorus

Respond: Baba you too good oooh, you too kind eeeh, you too fine oooh) X2

Call: higher higher lift him higher eeee

Ogeneme doo

Doo doo doo

Call: Oba mimo mimo ooo

call: Oba mimo mimo ooo

A little interlude then back to chorus

After that repeating the chorus then the Vamp

Onyejuwa onyewem, chimmoma narekele, Onyejuwa onyewem Chioma mee narekele.

Chorus until it fades



DOWNLOAD MUSIC: J Smart - International (Ft. Limoblaze) || Free Download

International by  J Smart (Ft. Limoblaze)

Breaking Out With "Ino TiDe" Featuring The Amazing Limitless "E Daniels" Last Year was not an Accident, But a Deliberate Course to Project God's Light to the World. After the Release of "Ino TiDe" Last Year, which Gained Massive Attention and Airplays, Locally and Beyond, "J Smart" has Shown no Sign of Relenting, but went Ahead to Release the Visuals to The Song, The Visuals which was Released Couple of Weeks back, Which is presently Gaining Huge Attention and Presence on Charts, is Yielding Testimonies and turning on Lights in so Many Lives.

Showing no Sign of Relenting "J Smart" has decided not to keep his fans and the Ministry on a Stand Still, with the Help of an Amazing and prolific Rapper "Limoblaze" set to take the Gospel and their Fans Who are Ready "International" .Here is "International", Featuring Limoblaze and Produced By Jerrywine.

Download, Enjoy And Share

About Artist

Joshua Jude Zagni and his Twin, Born into the Family Of, Mr & Mrs. Joshua
Samson on the 1st Of June, Born Gbagyi, Hails From Minna, Niger State, An
Undergraduate Studying in Federal University of Technology Minna, Started
Music Officially In 2013, he also has One Album to his Credit titled "All
Knowing God" which Bagged Several Awards.


VIDEO: Mike Abdul – Emi Mimo (Ft. Monique & A’Dam) || Watch For Free

Emi Mimo Video by Mike Abdul (Ft. Monique & A’Dam)

Spaghetti Records is not dulling this year, Mike Abdul Drops Visual for his ever trending sing Emi Mimo Off his new 16 Track sophomore Album "KOREDE".

Watch and Enjoy Below!