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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

DOWNLOAD MUSIC + LYRICS: Isaac Oluwatobi - God of War || Free Download

God of War by Isaac Oluwatobi

Here comes a brand new spirit-filled song from one of Nigeria's anointed worship leader Isaac Oluwatobi, titled: "God of War". His passion is to worship Yahweh and see the whole world worship him via the instrument of music.

In His Words;

"The song GOD OF WAR was birthed from the realization of the fact that the battles we are fighting are NOTHING before the Captain of the Hosts that leads our battles. We should therefore be relaxed knowing fully well that He has never lost any battle and our case won’t be different."

Download, enjoy and share

God of War Lyrics by Isaac Oluwatobi

**Verse 1**
The saviour of my life
The healer of my soul
The deliverer of my life
God of war
You've never lost any battle
No one can conquer You
You still remain the same
Awesome God

Your name is Yahweh
Your name is Lord
Your name is Rapha
The healer of my soul
Your name is mighty
The deliverer of my life

Your name is Yahweh, Awesome God 2x

**Verse 2**
The Lord is my light
And my salvation
So why should I be afraid?
He is my fortress
Protecting me from danger
So why should I be moved?
He's become my strength
God of war

We hail You
Awesome God

About Isaac Oluwatobi

Isaac Oluwatobi is a dynamic music minister, an anointed worship leader, song writer, multi-talented instrumentalist who specialize in saxophone.

He is currently running his Ph.D in Colour Chemistry and Technology at the Department of Polymer and Textile Science, ABU, Zaria from where he bagged MSc. Colour Chemistry and Technology and BSc. Textile Science and Technology.

He served as Chairman and Assistant Music Director of Mighty Storm of the Fellowship of Christian Students, ABU, Zaria­­­; music director of various groups and he is presently the Assistant Music Director of Jesus is Life World Outreach Ministries Headquarters Church located in Zaria, Nigeria under the leadership of Bishop and Rev. (Mrs)  David Bakare.

 He started singing from a very tender age and his love and passion for music led him to learn numerous musical instruments.

Connect With Him
Facebook: Isaac Oluwatobi
YouTube: Isaac Oluwatobi
Instagram: Isaac_Oluwatobii
SoundCloud: Isaac Oluwatobi


Monday, May 29, 2017

MUSIC VIDEO: Mali Music - Gonna Be Alright || Watch For Free

Gonna Be Alright Music Video by Mali Music

Here comes the video to Mali Music hit single, titled: "Gonna Be Alright".

 In the video, Mali evokes nostalgia, parodying iconic television shows like Fresh Prince of Bel Air, The Brady Brunch, and Martin. He  also shows his lighthearted and upbeat.

 The visual flips the inspirational tone of the song into a depiction of pure joy mixed with a dash of humor.

Hit play and tuck into the new visual below!

Image Source: Billboard


DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Dr Eva - If Not For You || Free Download

 If Not For You by Dr Eva

Dr Eva is an anointed and energetic worshiper who knows how to pull down Gods manifest presence through her songs and ministrations. 

Her debut single "No one" which was released last month has touched so many lives and the testimonies abound. She has shared a stage since then with Chioma Jesus.

She is a wife, a mother blessed with a wonderful son, a music director, a fashion designer and the President of Colourful ladies club...an NGO that grooms young ladies into being virtuous and having a godly relationship. "If not for you" is her second single and a song of praise to God. It will get you bouncing and praising for all God has brought you through.

Download, enjoy and share!


DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Min. Tracy Tolota - Lord You Are Holy || Free Download

Lord You Are Holy by Min. Tracy Tolota

International gospel music minister, Tracy Tolota comes out with her 2nd single "Lord You Are Holy" off her forthcoming sophomore album HEAVEN'S SOUND; a collection of songs given to her by the Lord in a dream, kicking off what is sure to be another massive chapter in her music ministry. The single is a display of the supernatural worship given to the only true supernatural God. 

He only is Holy and He only deserves our worship. As you worship, be ready for an encounter!

According to the Praise/Worship Leader;
"It is all about Jesus, and it can only be about the beauty of His majesty. This song will definitely bless you and move your heart to worship."
The song was produced by the phenomenal Dalor Beats.

Download, enjoy and share!


Should You Force Your Kids to Attend Church? Russell Moore Answers || Read For Free

If you allow your children to stop going to church because they dislike it but insist they go to math class because it is good for them, those are "atheistic" priorities, according to Russell Moore.

In his latest Signposts podcast, the president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission for the Southern Baptist Convention noted that he is often asked by parents whether or not they should make their children attend church, particularly if they do not enjoy going.

A mother recently told him of her child's dislike of church, and wondered if changing churches might be a way to resolve this.

First and foremost, "you have a responsibility as parent to be spiritual leader and discipler of your children, an evangelizer of your children," Moore said.

"Your primary calling is that of evangelist, and that means that you're giving priority to the gathered worship of the people of God, and being under the preaching of the Word of God and participating in the worship of the people of God."

Parents who want to ensure that their children have an education in math, reading, chemistry or any other challenging academic course because they know it is good for them but allow their kids to skip church because they do not like it, are showing their priorities. And such priorities are ultimately "atheistic," he said.

"What you're saying is 'what matters for you is external success' and 'what matters for you is that you're able to make it in the world,'" Moore said.

Foregoing church sends a bad signal, that the worship of God does not really matter.

As to whether or not changing churches is the solution to a child who does not like going to church, the question becomes why that is, Moore noted.

Perhaps the child finds the sermons boring and dull, but that is not a good reason to skip either, he maintained.

Moore recounted that he has an Anglican priest who told him that he does not think their children are bored enough, that there is something to be said for taking a break from endless entertainment and that children should regularly experience something more substantive and weighty.

Yet, he said, "there are often times when people think that they are bored, they think they are sort of disconnected from what is going on where the Word of God is nonetheless taking root."

But other problems within the church may be the reason kids spurn church.

Moore mentioned that he knows of children that were bullied during the children's programming, and others who had children who were unable to fit into the youth groups where an unfortunate meanness exists among the youth that the parents do not always notice.

Parents can take an opportunity to talk to their kids who do not like going to church about the sorts of things that God gives in life that are disciplines so that we ultimately are able to enjoy them but do not enjoy them yet, he said.

"Don't bark at your child ... don't shame [them]" about not wanting to go to church, he cautioned. Such an approach may close down communication channels with kids about important spiritual things.

Moore noted that when churches fail to have ways for children and teens to serve they do not feel that they are part of church and do not see the use in going.

"Find ways for your child to serve within the context of your church and I think you'll be surprised at how that will work on and transform the heart of your child," he said.


Sunday, May 28, 2017

[WEEK 21] TOP 5 Gospel Songs Currently Rocking on Praisejamzblog Chart This Week! 2017 || Free Download

Hope y'all are already getting familiar with praisejamzblog weekly top5 gospel song,

 This week chart topping gospel songs will definitely BLESS y'all.

 Below are the songs currently topping and rocking on praisejamzblog chart with good number of comment, downloads and testimonies.

Add them to Your Playlist.


1) DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Jahdiel – Everything Is Well


2) DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Godgift J - Nana-Owei Yebimo || Free Download


3) DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Gospelaw - Sai Baba || Free Download


4) DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Greatness - Idi Ebube (You Are Great) || Free Download


5) DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Ufuoma - This Love || Free Download



Saturday, May 27, 2017

DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Samchi Vocalz & D'Tri Voices - Odigi Onyedikagi || Free Download

 Odigi Onyedikagi by Samchi Vocalz & D'Tri Voices

One of Nigeria's Multi-talented gospel singer, drummer and worship leader Samuel Onyebuchi popularly known as Samchi Vocalz releases his much anticipated single, titled: "Odigi Onyedikagi" featuring the D'Tri Voices.

Samchi Vocalz is a native of Igbo-eze South LGA of Enugu state. Born into a christian home started his music career at a very early stage of his life. He is presently of music director at of Convener Lights Assembly, Abuja. 

Odigi Onyedikaji (There's none like you) is a song of thanksgiving that shows forth God's supremacy and awesome wonders to all creations. In this track, he expresses his heart of love to God almighty from his own ecounter.

Download, enjoy and share

Connect With Him
 Facebook: samchivocalzmusic
Twitter: @samchimusic
Instagram: @samchimusic
WhatsApp: +2348136507176


DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Profnificent - Yahweh || Free Download

Yahweh by Profnificent

PROFNIFICENT “The Magnificent Professor” is a super talented music recording, performing artiste and evangelist who has been unpredictable and brings something new anytime and season.
PROFNIFICENT have been dishing out good music from the inception with his debut hit single “Greatest” in 2014, “Number One” in 2015 (complimented with the visuals sometime in 2016), later came “Hallelujah” in 2016 (which is still fresh and trending) as he makes a triumphant entry into 2017 with his brand new (birthday) song titled “YAHWEH” to celebrate God’s provision and faithfulness; this song is produced by PLANKY.

The Magnificent Professor’s delivery and versatility on this one titled “YAHWEH” is quite prolific as it’s amazing that every song from PROFNIFICENT is a Hit, as he promises the Visuals coming soon along side his official single for the year 2017.

Download, enjoy and share



DOWNLOAD MUSIC: NobleStan - ONYEOMA || Free Download

ONYEOMA By NobleStan

After his second single, NobleStan comes on yet with another tune titled
ONYEOMA (meaning The Good One), a fusion of English, Yoruba and Igbo.
The gifted singer and songwriter takes a moment to tell the story of his
infancy to present how God has been the upholder against all odds of the

NobleStan asserts that this song is for whoever thinks, feels and loves
great music, this tune will thrill you to the bone. You might not
recover from this floss. Its Awesomely dopey.

Download, enjoy and share



DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Legendary David Judah - Kill That Jesus || Frde Download

Kill That Jesus by Legendary David Judah

Fast rising CHH artiste Legendary "David Judah" is out with a brand new single, titled: ''Kill That Jesus''. 
Legendary David Judah;
'Kill that Jesus' is more than a song its a movement against a gospel that portrays Jesus in the wrong light, creating a false image of his personality, creating a Jesus in the image of religion.....kill that Jesus!!! We don't want that Jesus!!'.

Download, enjoy and share!


DOWNLOAD MUSIC: BeeBee Ladirin - He Reigns || Free Download

 He Reigns by BeeBee Ladirin

  BeeBee Ladirin drops a brand new single, titled: "He Reigns" for free download.

In There Words;
Ours is a story of two God Lovers who found a common ground in Kingdom advancement to thrive on together! Our background was founded in very strong Christian homes as both our parents are Ministers of the Gospel. This definitely prepared the ground for easy identification of God’s call
upon our lives.

Download, enjoy and share


DOWNLOAD MUSIC: BOIS OLORUN - SandaLILI (Children's Day Special) || Free Download

SandaLILI (Children's Day Special) by BOIS OLORUN

Standard Living, Standard living... (Sandalili Sandalili) ... is the sound of a popular tune while growing up for a lot of us. Every child would sing what Greatness they'd wish to attain while singing Sandalili...

Today's generation of African children must be taught the values of Believing in themselves, of having a Right definition of Greatness, And Our rich African culture must be encouraged among them!

SanDaLiLi by Bois Olorun, popular known for their exclusive, Creative Apala Music,
features Children singing Apala and the song is aimed at: Promoting Our culture among the children-Children sang these Apala! Communicating the message of greatness in these Children Challenging the African parents to follow suit.

Download, enjoy and share


Wondering What Will Happens After You Die? Texas Pastor Tackles Common Questions on Heaven, Hell, Afterlife || Read For Free

Wondering What Will Happens After You Die? Texas Pastor Tackles Common Questions on Heaven, Hell, Afterlife || Read For Free.

What really happens after you die? Do believers in Jesus Christ immediately go to heaven? And nonbelievers, to hell? Or is there an intermediate stage?

Texas Pastor Randy Frazee of Oak Hills Church wasn't confident in his understanding of the afterlife even after theological training and many years as a pastor. But after his mother, who was on the brink of death, asked him whether Jesus was enough for her to gain eternal life in Heaven, Frazee decided to delve into the Scriptures to find answers that he can be sure of.

Today, Frazee offers Christians a clearer picture of the afterlife in his new book What Happens After You Die: A Biblical Guide to Paradise, Hell, and Life After Death. One thing he wants Christians to know is that the uninspiring vision of spirits floating on clouds and singing all day, everyday for eternity is not an accurate picture of Heaven.

That vision didn't appeal to him nor does it appeal to most Christians.

"This is not the vision that God has for us," Frazee told Christian talk show host Janet Mefferd. "He has a vision to restore what was lost."

"God's plan of redemption … it's not us up there, it's us down here," the multi-site church pastor explained. "It's not us as spirit beings, it's us as resurrected … bodies. It's not God up there, but it's God down here, walking with us like He did with Adam and Eve."

But that vision of Heaven comes after the return of Jesus Christ.

Until then, what happens to those who die?

Afterlife for those who accepted Jesus Christ as their savior

Frazee pointed to an "intermediate state" — the state between death and the return of Christ — which he said only three or four passages in the New Testament describes.

"We don't know a lot about it," he admitted. But "we do know this is not where the pearly gates and streets of gold" are.

"It's not even a place as much as a spirit is with a person. You are with God," he told Mefferd. "I don't even believe it's in space and time. I believe you're outside of [that]. The day is not droning on like it does here on earth, waiting for this major event … which is the return of Christ."

He emphasized that life "in between" death and Heaven is "wonderful, peaceful."

"God's got us," he noted.

"But what we're really holding out for is the return of Christ and the resurrection of our bodies."

Afterlife for nonbelievers

When a nonbeliever — someone who choose not to take advantage of Christ's offer to forgive his or her sins — dies, that person's spirit goes to Hades.

"It's not the final destination for you. It's basically a holding tank. … It's like being on death row," Frazee said, describing Hades as "blackness, darkness."

"You're waiting for the final judgment yet to come."

The Texas pastor stressed that God does not send people to Hell. Rather, "He merely honors their choice."

"Everybody would be saved. No one would perish. But in order for them to not enter into this place called Hades and ultimately the lake of fire, then they need to accept Christ now and if they don't, He will honor your choice of keeping you separated from Him for all eternity."

When Jesus Christ Returns

Once Jesus Christ returns, believers will be in paradise, much like it is described in Genesis 1 and 2. And rather than in the clouds, Heaven will be on a "new and renovated earth without sin and death."

Nonbelievers, meanwhile, will stand before the great white throne of judgment and if their name is not written in the book of life, they will be judged and cast into the lake of fire.

Frazee explained why people must accept Jesus' offer of forgiveness in order to gain eternal life with God. He noted that everyone is conceived in sin because of their connection to Adam, the first man on earth.

"We cannot rid ourselves of this sin. Someone has to take it on for us," he said, citing Jesus as the only way.

"It is a gift but you must believe in Him in your heart and you must confess it with your heart and then by God's grace, you will be saved."

Frazee clarified that God did not create Hell for people. Hell was created for Satan, death and the demons.

"You don't accept Christ because you're afraid of going to Hell. You accept Christ because of what He's saving you for — not only eternal life … but laying out for you a purposeful, meaningful, hope-filled life."



Friday, May 26, 2017

DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Phreddy - Oji Obara || Watch Video For Free

 Oji Obara by Phreddy

After the successful release of his singles, titled: "Uto Obimo" & "Walk on Water", Phreddy who is a Nigerian fast rising star based in the United Kingdom is out with another powerful and inspiring song, titled: “Oji Obara.”

Oji Obara - speaks of God's miracle intervention. The song simply
emphasizes that God is never late; he will always step in right on time.

The song was produced By Dr Bernstein.

Download, enjoy and share

 Watch Video Below


DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Jahdiel – Everything Is Well + Suddenly || Free Download

Everything Is Well + Suddenly by Jahdiel

Gospel music songstress and wife to one of Nigeria's popular gospel singer Eben- Jahdiel drops two brand new singles, titled; “Everything is well” and “Suddenly“. 

Her songs usually comes in different styles and genres, most of which are alternative contemporary songs that cut across all types of people, mostly because they are catchy and consists of lyrics that are easy to sing, inspiring and borne out of God’s word and its teachings.

This are songs that will definitely bless y'all.

Download, enjoy and share the songs below!

Everything is Well || DOWNLOAD HERE




LOVELY SONG FOR QUITE TIME... DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Ufuoma - This Love || Free Download


DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Samchi Vocalz & D'Tri Voices - Odigi Onyedikagi || Free Download